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41st Southeastern Regional Lectureship

October 6-9, 2014

Church of Christ Events Across the Brotherhood  

Church of Christ Events Across the Brotherhood...Click Each Image for More Information

2014 NC State Lectureship   of the Churches of Christ
November 13-15, 2014

Valarie C Show...Thursdays & Fridays from 7:00 - 8:30 PM  

TNT Gospel Rado

Jerome Malone New Release

If You Only New

2014 Christian Accapella Music Awards

​Jacksonville, Florida ...November 27th - 29th

The Alvin & Anthony Show Thursdays at 6 PM

TNT Gospel Radio

VSC has aligned  with Jerome Malone of Annimian Music Productions to create analliance of professional entities who would team up to provide a myriad of affordable and quality services to artists and groups in the acappella music industry. 

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2nd Annual Singles Conference

August 29-31, 2014

Sunset Boulevard Church of Christ

Vanguard Solutions Consulting has more than 25 years of Event Planning, Marketing and Management expertise with Fortune 500 companies, major Universities, and Non–Profit organizations throughout various regions of the country.  We have leveraged that experience to provide consulting services to Academic Institutions, Non-Profit Entities, Small Businesses, Organizations, and Churches. We  provide our Big Business Expertise to the Small Business at an affordable price. 

We have now launched an exclusive line of products and services to assist Church of Christ congregations and events with marketing, management and promotions. Vanguard Solutions Consulting has experienced great success in working with events and congregations across the Brotherhood. Our structured and professional approach utilizes state of the art marketing resources with stellar public relations services. We provide our customer with an end product that helps accomplish the goals they have set for their congregation or event. We offer a full line of services including: Event Planning, Website Development & Management, E-Marketing, Logo & Flyer Design, Printing & Publishing, Leadership & Congregational Training, Advertising, Promotional Products and much more. Click here to visit our website today.


Church of Christ


8th Annual

Tournament of Unity

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